For Farmers

This is your first step towards peace of mind while you are away from the farm. We know firsthand how difficult that can be.
Below you will find a comprehensive questionnaire that is aimed at helping me select sitters for you that best meet your personal needs. There are also some additional things for you to consider.

Firstly, is an introductory service only. We do not employ anybody, therefore, you need to consider several things. It is important that you have relevant insurance. Public Liability is a must. If you are expecting the sitter to use machinery, you might consider insuring it in case of an accident, also, depending on what you are expecting from the sitter, you may need workers compensation.

You also need to consider the matter of compensation to the sitter. If you are going away for just a few days and you are wanting someone just to be on the farm, water the garden and feed the pets, then they may be happy to treat it as a holiday for themselves and not expect any compensation. However, if you are going to be away for a period of time and are wanting the sitter to manage the farm while you are away, then it is only fair that they should be paid accordingly. This is something that you would need to discuss with the sitter prior to them accepting the position.

Another thing to consider is wheather you want the sitter to ring you when they have any questions. Some farmers would like to hear from the sitters several times a day, while for others that would cause them unnecessary stress, especially if they are away due to illness. It may be an idea to have someone (perhaps a neighbour or friend) who could screen the calls and only contact you when necessary.

The Farmers fee at is normally $60 per application, as this is a brand new service we are offering you a special introductory price of $30. For that price we match you with sitters who are the most appropriate for your needs making it easy for you to choose someone to look after your farm.

Check List Prior to Phoning Prospective Sitters

  1. Know the dates that they will be required
  2. Know where you stand on the point of compensation
  3. If they have children, be clear about restrictions e.g. No riding motorbikes or swimming in dams etc.
  4. If they have pets. Are they allowed in the house or only outside.
  5. Any questions that have arisen from their questionnaire
For Farmers
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