For Sitters

At it is our aim to have sitters of all abilities, so please don’t think that if you have no previous farming experience that there won’t be a place for you. For a lot of farmers it is the security of having someone on the farm that they are looking for!

For retired or experienced farmers this could be a way to enjoy some time back on a farm or maybe a way of seeing other farming areas or enterprises that are different from you own.

No matter what your level of farming experience, all are welcome!

Fees and requirements:

The sitters fees are $30 per annum.

Things to consider when sitting a farm.

Farms can be a dangerous place. There are lots of sheds and machinery. If you are inexperienced or have children with you, you should use extreme care to avoid serious accidents. There are also dams and in the summertime there will be snakes. Livestock are to be treated with respect as they can be dangerous and are not like household pets. You also need to be careful of water supply. Most farms only have rainwater tanks and can run out very quickly if you are not careful.


This is something that you need to think about prior to receiving a phone call from a prospective farmer. If you are looking after the farm for just a few days with no farm work to be done except the garden and pets, then perhaps you might consider it as a nice break away and not expect to be compensated. However, if the farmer requires you to work on the farm, then you may expect to be compensated. It is between the farmer and yourself to come to an agreement on this matter. is an introduction service only, we do not employ anyone and therefore have no responsibility in this area.

Points to consider.

When a farmer requests a sitter, they are sent their top matches. If your details are sent to a farmer, you will be notified and receive some details of the farmer in return but it is their prerogative to choose who they like. You will not necessarily receive a phone call but it is suggested that you look through their details so that you can be prepared in case they do call.

  1. Are you available on the times they require.
  2. Have you considered if you want to be compensated.
  3. Be aware of where the farm is situated. Some farms can be very isolated.
  4. Be aware of where the nearest facilities are.
  5. Are there any questions that have arisen from their questionnaire.
Sitter Subscription
Annual Sitter listing on the Mind My Farm site.